An Overview of the Lympo x LKF Campaign

2022-12-23 Announcements

We’ve most recently launched a partnership campaign with the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF) to celebrate the national basketball team and the centenary of Lithuanian basketball. Here’s a short overview of what we did during the campaign.

Collaboration with LKF

Lithuanian Basketball Federation, also known as LKF, is a government body that unifies and overlooks multiple independent Lithuanian Basketball Leagues. It is also responsible for Lithuanian National Basketball teams and their preparation for international championships.

In the year 2022, Lithuanian basketball is celebrating its 100th anniversary. We wanted to mark this important event and celebrate Lithuanian basketball with a special campaign. A unique campaign that would expand the recognition of LKF worldwide, its popularity in the digital space, as well as educate Lithuanian basketball fans about the blockchain industry and Web3.

Together with LKF, we’ve looked into expanding the possibilities of Lithuanian basketball and providing all Lithuanian basketball fans with a possibility to enter the digital space.

This partnership was dedicated to the rich and powerful history of Lithuanian basketball and the strength it provides to the Lithuanian nation. A small nation with big dreams and even bigger power.

Official NFT Collection

We’ve launched an official LTU basketball NFT collection. This collection is different from the ones we usually have - sportscards showcase not each individual player but different crews. Each rarity NFT displays a group of 3 team members - the best of Lithuania.

This was made with an idea of unity of a small nation and the strength that comes with it.

The cards went live on November 9, 01:00 PM UTC and were minted out quickly. The rarest NFTs were snatched in the first hours. What a power of people!

Exclusive NFTs

Apart from the official collection, we also wanted to thank all the fans of the Lithuanian basketball who support their teams no matter what. That’s why, we’ve also launched exclusive Fan NFTs that were given away to all the fans.

The NFTs will be available for claiming to everyone who registered on the dedicated landing page and provided their wallet adddress.


We’re also launching a unique event and fan experience - a raffle.

During the raffle, everyone will now have a chance to win exclusive fan memorabilia - LTU Basketball T-shirt, a basketball signed by the team and 100 years of LTU basketball memorabilia medals.

All holders of Fan NFTs have entered the raffle automatically. No need to do anything else - the NFT serves as a raffle ticket.

However, you can also double or triple your chances of winning by acquiring more NFTs on OpenSea. More entries - more chance to win.

Winners will be selected by a random draw and announced on 23rd of December. Only wallets holding NFT on December the 22nd at 23:59:59 UTC will be eligible for entry.

Raffle Winners and Extras

Here’s the list of all the raffle winners:

1 fan wins a signed t-shirt:


1 fan wins a signed basketball:


10 fans win a 100 years of LTU basketball memorabilia medals: 0x3aE12477805a7c4490606f6aBD938B34628D31A5










A few technicalities:

The winners were selected randomly. The raffle was held on the smart contract, so if you want to check how it went, you can do it here. To see the list of winners, go to contract and select "read contract", for the memorabilia medals winners you have to enter 0;1;2 and further to see each wallet.

That’s the beauty of blockchain technology - all is out in the open, and no hidden agendas.

For the winners We will send your prize to your preferred address. Please write an email to support@lympo.io or contact support via HelpDesk with your full address, name (optional) and contact phone number. This data will only be used for delivery. Once we have that, we will send the prize and share the parcel tracking information with you.

A gift for all sports fans

Lympo aims to bring sports and blockchain together, so we always launch some fun ways for various sports fans to enjoy Web3! Want to get started with us but do not know how? We got you covered, we are awarding Lympo credits to everyone who registered their wallet to receive the fan to further your journey in the digital world of sport! The amount of credit every user got was randomized. You can use these credits to mint NFTs in Lympo Athletes pool. 

Follow these simple steps to claim the credits and get started:

  1. Go to the Lympo platform.
  2. Claim the credits with a click of a button.
  3. Follow the guide and explore the platform.

Check the credit amounts on this Spreadsheet or Polygonscan.  Enter your wallet ID to see the amount of credits you won.

Go to our claiming page to claim the gift!

Important: if you are using mobile, go to your Metamask App and select "Browser", it will open the Metamask browser, where you will have to enter the claiming page link to access your gift. If you head to our home page there, once connected, the credits will be available under "My profile" subsection "Airdrop."

Claiming Fan NFT

Haven't claimed your Fan NFT? Head to our claiming page at Lympo.io/lkf and do not forget to connect the right wallet. If you forgot the wallet you registered with, go straight to our Help Desk and we will match your email with the right wallet.

Have any questions?

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