Partnership with LKF - Celebrating 100 Years of Basketball in Lithuania

2022-11-03 Announcements

Previously, we announced our partnership with the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF). The partnership, dedicated to the Lithuanian basketball centenary, aims to educate and introduce the fans of Lithuanian basketball to the concept of Web3, as well as introduce the Lympo community to Lithuanian basketball. Here’s an overview of what’s to come with this campaign.

Limited time Dedicated Web Page

We are launching a web page dedicated to LKF and Lithuanian basketball. The page was created to make it easier for traditional basketball fans unfamiliar with Lympo and blockchain technology to have a smooth and straightforward Web3 experience.

On the LKF web page, you’ll be able to find an official NFT collection, as well as register to claim your free NFT.

Check the page here.

Official NFT Collection

We are releasing an official LTU Basketball NFT collection - a set of 5 different-rarity Team NFTs.

The collection is set to be released in November 2022. Team NFTs - unique digital sportscards themed around LKF and Lithuanian basketball - showcase not an individual player but a group of them on a single collectable. These collectables will also be able to be used in various blockchain games and utilized in the Lympo NFT ecosystem.

Every card will be of a different rarity, ranging from Common to Legendary, and will include 3-4 team players. A special GOAT (greatest-of-all-time) card will also be included in the collection - a one-of-a-kind collectible sold via auction on Lympo platform. The GOAT card will have perks attached to it, guaranteeing a VIP basketball fan experience.

Fan NFTs

On top on the official NFT collection, we’re also launching Fan NFTs - exclusive tokens given out to all the fans of Lithuanian basketball.

To get the free NFT, all you have to do is register on the web page. Claim your Fan NFT here.

Discord Community

We will also introduce a dedicated Discord server. This server is devoted to all hardcore fans to discuss all things basketball, share the most critical moments of Lithuanian basketball, form their own teams for casual games and most importantly - watch the games together as a community.

Join the community here. Please note that the server is in Lithuanian only.


Last but not least, we’re organizing an AMA session with members from LKF and Vilius Jastremskas, Lympo Chief Partnership Officer.

The mission of this partnership is to transform the experience of basketball fans around the world, educate them on Web3 and blockchain technology, and introduce Lithuanian basketball and its power into the world.

That’s why this AMA is an exclusive opportunity to ask what’s important to you about Lithuanian basketball and the potential the sport has in the Web3 space.

Type in your questions here.

Key links:

Register for the free Fan NFT here

Join the Lithuanian Discord community here

Type in your questions about NFTs, basketball and partnership here.

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