Lithuanian Basketball Federation enters Web3 with Lympo

2022-12-09 Lympo Athletes

Lympo announces a partnership with the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF). This is an exciting partnership, during which Lympo will introduce an official LTU Basketball NFT collection as well as bring unique fan events that will include commemorative prizes and exclusive NFTs.

Lithuanian Basketball Federation, also known as LKF, is a government body that unifies and overlooks multiple independent Lithuanian Basketball Leagues, including the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL), National Basketball League (NKL), Regional Basketball League (RKL), Lithuanian Women's Basketball League (LMKL) and many others. LKF is also responsible for Lithuanian National Basketball teams and their preparation for various championships.

The partnership between Lympo and the Lithuanian Basketball Federation marks an important point in Lithuanian Basketball history - the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian basketball

Official NFT collection

During the collaborative period, Lympo will be releasing special team NFTs - unique digital sportscards themed around LKF and Lithuanian basketball that showcase not an individual player but a group of them on a single collectible. These collectibles will also be able to be used in various blockchain games and utilized in the Lympo NFT ecosystem. 

Every card will be of a different rarity, ranging from Common to Legendary, and will include 3-4 team players. A special GOAT (greatest-of-all-time) card will also be included in the collection - a one-of-a-kind collectible sold via auction on Lympo platform. The GOAT card will have perks attached to it, guaranteeing a VIP basketball fan experience.

Introduction to Web3

The main goal of this partnership is to connect the fans of LKF with athletes under the LKF wing – increasing fan engagement and enabling a larger variety of activities, as well as providing LKF fans with an entry point to Web3. 

That’s why, apart from traditional Lympo partnership activities, we’ll be launching various digital experiences that will educate and allow LKF fans not familiar with Web3 to get the feel of it and get a hands-on educational experience of blockchain technology.

Tadas Maurukas, the CEO of Lympo, has spoken:

“Here at Lympo, we aim to create an ecosystem where blockchain meets sport, and since basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world, uniting millions of fans all over the globe, we are proud to be able to bring an enjoyable blockchain experience for basketball fans from around the world. We are happy and proud to be the ones helping Lithuanian basketball enter a new digital era. ”

100 years of history

The history of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation dates back to 1936. During the start of LKF, Lithuanian National Team managed to become a two-time European Champion, securing gold in 1937 and 1939. 

In 1992, when the country finally restored its independence, Lithuania entered the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, where they secured bronze - an emotional and prideful achievement for the newly-independent nation. During the awarding ceremony, Lithuanians decided to dress up in the colourful Skeleton Jerseys in order to show their newly reborn country's national colours - jerseys that have become an iconic moment in basketball history. In 2012, a documentary film was released - "The Other Dream Team", commemorating the Olympics and the emotional journey of the team.

Under the independent Lithuanian Basketball Federation's wing, the Lithuanian Basketball Team once again became European Champion in 2003 and, for the first time, secured bronze in the 2010 World Cup.

Mindaugas Balčiūnas, the General Secretary of LKF, has spoken about the partnership:

"This year, Lithuanian basketball is celebrating 100 years, which is a prideful moment in the history of not only basketball in Lithuania but also in the history of the whole country. That's why we're extremely grateful to be able to celebrate and memorialize this event by launching a new era of Lithuanian basketball - a digital era. We are excited to encounter this new age together with our fandom not only in Lithuania but all over the world and bring new fan experiences."

Highlights in the History of Lithuanian Basketball

  • Gold – 1937 EuroBasket
  • Gold – 1939 EuroBasket
  • Bronze – 1992 Olympic Games
  • Silver – 1995 EuroBasket
  • Bronze – 1996 Olympic Games
  • Bronze – 2000 Olympic Games
  • Gold – 2003 EuroBasket
  • Bronze – 2007 EuroBasket
  • Bronze – 2010 FIBA World Cup
  • Silver – 2013 EuroBasket
  • Silver – 2015 EuroBasket

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