Where to Buy NFTs? Top 13 Marketplaces

2022-12-01 Investing

The world is going meta! Now everyone is going crazy about NFTs. You can’t take a step without hearing all about those digital tokens. Did you too become interested in non-fungible tokens? It’s hard not to, with everyone talking your ear off about them. Are you thinking of getting some for yourself but don’t know where to start? Let us help you.

What are NFTs?

NFT (or a non-fungible token) is a piece of digital art. It’s a digitalized collectible linked to the blockchain system, meaning, it has a unique digital signature and can be traced. Blockchain keeps the record of the NFT’s authenticity and ownership. 

How to buy them?

Although every marketplace is different, most include the same steps. Here’s a precise step-by-step guide:

#1 Since most marketplaces work under the Ethereum network, to buy NFTs you'll need to set up a crypto wallet and acquire Ether tokens. You can open wallets on platforms like Metamask, Binance, or Coindesk.

#2 Choose the marketplace you want to buy the NFT from and register the account with them.

#3 Connect your wallet to the marketplace. Usually, it is a simple process that requires signing in to the wallet via the marketplace.

#4 Choose the NFT you'd like to buy and bid in an auction, or, if there's a possibility, buy directly.

#5 After your bid goes through, the necessary amount will be debited from your wallet. In addition to the price of the NFT, you'll have to pay a transaction fee, which varies according to the marketplace.

Where to buy?

There are a lot of places you can buy NFTs from. However, everyone is different and has different likings so some marketplaces that are suitable for me might not be suitable for you. Let me help you with that a bit. Here you’ll find a list of the most popular NFT marketplaces, with a pro and con list that might help you make an informed decision.

1. OpenSea

Categories: digital art, music, games, domain names, virtual worlds, sports, collectibles

OpenSea is the most well-known NFT marketplace out there. It's the world's first and largest marketplace - with more than 34 million NFTs to select from. Here, you can find pretty much anything - NFTs of every price and category, from virtual real estate to music. OpenSea is easy-to-use, accepts more than 150 cryptocurrencies, and all you need for signing up is an Ethereum wallet.

Broad NFT selection
Accepts more than 150 cryptocurrencies
One of the most established marketplaces
Easy to use

High fees
The quality varies extremely

2. Nifty Gateway

Category: digital art

Nifty Gateway is a marketplace for renowned musicians and artists. It operates under the Ethereum blockchain. Here you'll find NFTs made only by celebrity brand names like Playboy and Forbes, or creators who have previously sold nifties (how NFTs are called here) worth millions, like Beeple. To buy nifties, you can participate in raffle draws, auctions, or send in blind offers. The platform allows buying using regular currency and credit cards, so it's a great platform for those inexperienced with crypto wallets.

Ability to buy using regular currency

Dominated by celebrity creators

3. Rarible

Categories: digital art, photography, music, games, metaverse, memes, sports

Rarible is another popular NFT marketplace. Here you will be able to find many types of digital art, including photography, music, or even rare media and sports collections. To sign up, all you need is an Ethereum wallet. It operates under Ethereum, as well as Flow and Tezos blockchains. What is good about Rarible - it's community-owned, meaning it uses its own token and users get to vote on any platform upgrades.

Low fees
Operates on three different blockchains

Dominated by celebrity brands

4. Binance NFT

Categories: digital art, sports, music, collectibles, games

Binance NFT is one of the largest marketplaces out there. It operates under its own blockchain and utilizes both Binance tokens (BNB) and Ethereum. Although the marketplace is fairly new, it is perceived as one of the most future-proof NFT marketplaces. Binance offers 2 ways to buy NFTs: auction and fixed price. The buying process is easy to follow, allowing newbies to get their NFTs without any problems. And, the trading fee is very low - just 1%. So, if you're new to the NFT game, Binance NFT might be your best bet.

Low fees
Large marketplace

Not artist-friendly
Fairly new

5. SuperRare

Category: digital art

SuperRare is an exclusive marketplace with a thoroughly curated selection of rare artwork. SuperRare only accepts 1% of all artists who apply, so you can be sure you'll get the best artwork NFTs there is. SuperRare works under Ethereum blockchain and requires having a MetaMask wallet to pay.

Beautiful and rare artwork
A highly curated selection

The number of artists accepted is low

6. Axie Infinity

Category: video game assets

Axie Infinity is a gaming universe where players can breed cartoon pets called Axies and compete with each other. Axie is also a form of NFT that can be bought or sold on the marketplace. Axie Infinity uses a play-to-earn gaming model, meaning you can earn rewards (usually in the form of cryptocurrency) by playing the game. It operates under Ethereum blockchain and requires a MetaMask wallet, as well as owning at least three axies to start playing.

Interactive NFTs
Unique gaming experience

NFTs are only operable in Axie metaverse
You need to own at least three axies before you can start playing

7. Mintable

Categories: digital art, photography, videos, games, templates, domain names

Mintable is a newcomer to the NFT scene. It is a newbie-friendly, easy-to-use marketplace requiring very little knowledge about NFTs. The platform is built on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains and is integrated with MetaMask. Mintable allows payments in ETH, but, what's more important, it allows you to buy NFTs using a credit card. What is also great about this marketplace is Mintable University. It offers free video courses on NFTs and crypto.

Easy to use
Broad NFT selection
Free Mintable University courses
Ability to buy with a credit card

The quality between NFTs varies a lot

8. Foundation

Category: digital art

Just like SuperRare, Foundation is another marketplace with a thoroughly curated list of artists. It is built on Ethereum blockchain and requires a wallet, either MetaMask or Wallet Connect. Foundation invites both unknown and super popular artists. Here you’ll find the creator of the Nyan Cat meme, or Nadya Tolokonnikova from Pussy Riot. It's an artist-run platform full of authentic and rare artwork, you may not find on other marketplaces.

Curated NFT selection
Artist-owned marketplace
Rare and exclusive art

Limited list of creators
High fees

9. NBA Top Shot

Category: sports collectibles

NBA Top Shot is the perfect marketplace for sports fans. Here you can buy, collect or trade unique moments in NBA history in form of a digital token. NBA Top Shot allows buying using crypto wallets, or credit cards.

And, if you’re a sports fan who’s not so into basketball, Lympo might be a better bet. At Lympo, you can find sports cards with athletes of different sports - from soccer to bobsled, or eSports even.

Feeling of a traditional card collecting
Broad selection of the most iconic NBA moments
Can buy using a credit card

Only includes NBA sports collectibles 

10. Venly

Category: video games, metaverse

Venly is a combination of a crypto wallet provider and an NFT marketplace. It is centered around video games and here you can create, buy, and sell blockchain gaming assets - characters, weapons, and collectibles from such play-to-earn games as The Sandbox, Ethermon, and Vulcan Verse. It is compatible with Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance blockchains. However, it isn't purely blockchain-based, meaning you can use PayPal and regular currency to buy NFTs.

Both a wallet and marketplace
Can pay with regular currency
Wide variety of blockchain game assets

Pretty high fees

11. Zora

Category: digital art

Zora is a marketplace where artists and creators have ownership and power over their art. Zora intends to help artists get the full value of their art, without a payment that galleries and labels usually take as a commission, and provide creators with a place to gain popularity. It started out as an artist invite-only platform but has since turned into an open marketplace. Zora operates under the Ethereum blockchain and requires using Ethereum wallets like MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase. What is unique about Zora - it connects the real and digital worlds: you can buy digital and physical copies of RAC's Boy album on cassette or Nike designer Jeff Staple limited edition trainers.

Doesn't take a cut on sales, meaning fewer fees
Supports artists
Ability to buy real-world collection NFTs

Complex procedures that may seem difficult for newbies

12. MakersPlace

Category: digital art, virtual reality, short film, motion animation

MakersPlace provides a wide selection of established artists, galleries, and institutions offering NFTs of their work. Every issued art piece is signed by the creator. The signature is recorded and verified through the blockchain, meaning it provides scarcity and authenticity to every piece, as well as security from fraud. MakersPlace allows payments using both ETH and credit cards.

Established artists
Every piece is signed by the artist
Broad selection of very rare NFTs
Ability to buy with a credit card

Pretty expensive

13. Valuables

Category: tweets

Valuables is a unique marketplace selling only tweet NFTs. What's even more interesting, you can place an offer on pretty much any tweet you want - you just have to make a bid by entering the tweet’s URL or the user’s handle in a search bar. The marketplace uses ETH and the minimum offer starts at $1, or the seller's reserved price. This is also the place where Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey famously sold his autographed first-ever tweet for $2.9 million.

Unique marketplace
You can place an offer on any tweet

Sells only tweets

Now that you know all about NFTs and where to buy them, go for it. With so many different marketplaces to choose from, everyone will find their perfect fit. NFTs are a great way to dip your toes into the crypto world - they’re fun, have real value, and everyone can find NFTs they like. 

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