Team Spotlight - Vilius Jastremskas - Head of Partnerships

2022-12-16 Announcements

This week, we want to introduce you to Vilius Jastremskas - our incredible Head of Partnerships. The man without whom we couldn’t present you with this amount of amazing world-star athletes and partners. 

Apart from having an extensive background in business and marketing, Vilius is also a sports fanatic and athlete. He was a Managing Director for a basketball club, and during his free time from making magic at Lympo, you’ll always find him on the basketball court. Let’s meet Vilius!

Please introduce yourself — what did you do before joining Lympo, and what got you to the team?

My name is Vilius, and I currently live in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Before joining Lympo, I lived in London for 9 years, where I completed my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Despite my educational career, I’ve worked for various international businesses and start-ups, including the sports industry. I also had my own digital marketing company focused on PPC and SEO.  

Throughout my professional career, most of my time was spent in the sales and marketing departments. I started out with junior-level tasks, like outreaching, and have now grown up all the way to a more strategic role. 

I’m a huge sports and gaming enthusiast. So, when Ada and Tadas approached me and offered this opportunity, I had no doubts that this company is what I want to be a part of. I joined the company almost 2 years ago. Back then, my knowledge of blockchain was not so extensive, and I’m glad that Lympo provided me with opportunities to learn and develop my understanding of the field.

How did you stumble across crypto for the first time?

I came across crypto back in 2017. Actually, it was because my dad asked me to buy some Bitcoin. This was where my journey with Web3 started. However, due to other priorities in my life, I was never that heavily involved with blockchain until I joined Lympo. 

What excites you the most about Web3?

I could write long paragraphs on the topic, but the most important things for me are - decentralization and ownership. As mentioned before, I enjoy playing various PC/Console games, and what annoys me the most - I don’t control my own assets in the game. For example, if Valve Corporation went bankrupt, I would lose all my assets and time spent on their games. 

Another example could be the 2K Games. They release a new version of the NBA game each year. Gamers spend their time playing MyCareer mode, trying to level up their characters. However, as a new game gets released yearly, they have to do it all over again.

Also, gamers rarely get rewarded for their time spent playing, while corporations achieve multi-billion turnovers. 

This is exactly what Web3 can solve - allowing gamers to actually control their assets and be valued for their time spent in the game. This is exactly what Animoca Brands' vision is about. And it excites me the most that I can work for this kind of corporation. 

We all know that this is a new sector, and like any new infrastructure, it will have its own successes and failures. The same happened in Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Now, we are facing the same in Web 3.0. Building infrastructures like that requires time and patience. However, I’m confident that together with Animoca Brands subsidiaries, we will be able to carry out our mission. 

Tell us, what do you focus on with your role at Lympo?

My official role is Head of Partnerships. However, lately, I have also been heavily involved with the product side of things. I ensure our product development, which includes Anichess. I’m also heavily involved in our Go-to-Market strategy with Tory and others. 

Once this is established, my main focus will be setting and executing a strategy to bring new partners to Lympo. 

What is the book or podcast you recommend?

Lex Fridman, FullSend Podcast, and The Old Man & the Three. These are the podcasts I listen to most before bed.

What are your hobbies or leisure activities?

As mentioned before, I love sports. To be more exact, basketball is my number passion. I have been playing since the age of 6 and have been coaching for many years too. Besides basketball, I also enjoy trying out new sports, such as squash, golf, snowboarding and others. Outside sports and gaming, I like to travel a lot, and each year I set a goal to visit at least 2 new countries.

You are a great sports fan. Do you have an athlete or a team that inspires you the most?

LeBron James is probably the biggest inspiration for me. Seeing an athlete who stays at the top level in the league for 20 years is unbelievable. His hard work and commitment to doing what he loves are what inspire me the most.

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