Tory Green joins Lympo as CMO and strategical advisor

2022-11-18 Announcements

Lympo is continuing to grow and add new members to our team that will bring a fresh outlook to our ecosystem.

Let us introduce our latest team member, fractional CMO and advisor – Tory Green. Tory is a specialist with an extensive background and rich leadership experience in sales & marketing, management and fintech. Stanford graduate, VC and a three-time start-up COO/CFO with over a decade worth of experience driving “hypergrowth” (>10x) in transition-stage technology companies and managing P&Ls in high-growth technology companies. With a career history like this, Tory will help bring Lympo to new heights.

Welcome to the Lympo family, Tory!

We probably could talk about Tory for hours but let’s allow the man to tell you about himself.

Please introduce yourself — what did you do before joining Lympo, and what got you to the team?

I have spent the last seven years as a venture capitalist with Tiller Partners, a consumer-focused fund based out of Los Angeles. For most of my time at Tiller, I worked in operational roles, helping portfolio companies achieve 10x growth by implementing best practices and proven processes as an interim COO, CRO, CMO or CFO. Most recently, I was the COO of Hum Capital, an AI-driven fintech. 

Before joining Tiller, I co-founded The Art of Charm, an information-based publishing firm with a Top 50 iTunes ranking and over 2 million downloads per month.

I also worked as an associate at Oaktree Capital Management, The Walt Disney Company, Merrill Lynch and 21st Century Fox.

I have a bachelor's degree in Economics from Stanford University, and I played football at the United States Military Academy at West Point

If you want to learn more about my career journey, feel free to check out my LinkedIn.

For a long time, I wanted to take a more active role in the development of Web3, so when I met Tadas and heard about the opportunity at Lympo, I jumped at the chance to help. I feel like this will be an exciting time!

How did you stumble across crypto for the first time?

I was introduced to crypto in 2015 while working with one of Tiller's blockchain-based portfolio companies. 

At that point in my career, I had barely heard of Bitcoin, had no idea how blockchain worked and – despite having a background in economics – did not truly understand how the global financial system worked.

But my CEO at the time said something that really stuck with me: "blockchains are how everyone thinks the Internet works but actually doesn't".

That opened my eyes, and I started seeing the world as it was. I saw how central governments manipulated the money supply, how banks could restrict and even seize our assets, how corporations abused their power and how "Big Tech" dictated the terms of our digital lives and got rich from our data.

Despite living in a "capitalist democracy", I realized that we really weren't all that free.

But I was shown that blockchains offered a better way – that they were more than just a new form of "money" or the "next iteration of the internet". They were a tool that could drastically re-engineer human society. An invention that comes along once in a millennium – like writing or the printing press – that could give us true freedom and autonomy.   

I constantly share my thoughts on the potential of Web3 on my Twitter.  

You are the author of "Digital Nations - A Comprehensive Guide to Web3". Could you give us three reasons why every person in Web3 should absolutely read it?

Digital Nations is a long read – it took over a year to write and is over 400 pages long. But I believe it's worth checking out for three reasons:

  • Highlights the Big Picture: Contrary to popular belief, Web3 is not just the "next version of the Internet". It's creating the world's first "borderless" economies that operate outside of the purview of the existing financial, legal and political ecosystem. My book shows how all the pieces will come together to make this happen.
  • Deep Dive into Multiple Verticals: Digital Nations provides a deep dive into several verticals, including cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, L1/L2s, DAOs and Web3 infrastructure, and also highlights the benefits and challenges of Web3 
  • Free Resources to Learn about Web3: The book has an extensive resources section that provides an overview of the best books, articles, videos, podcasts, news sources, data sources, Twitter accounts, etc., related to Web3

Fortunately, the website www.digitalnations.xyz breaks the book down into bite-sized pieces, so users can learn about any specific topic directly without having to go through the effort of reading the whole book.

What excites you about Web3 the most?

I view Web3 as a social revolution. It's taking power from centralized institutions that control our lives and returning it to the people. 

Not only will this make the system more efficient – eliminating many of the costs, restrictions and regulations that hamper us today – but it may also help overturn centuries of inequality and economic oppression.     

Tell us, what will you focus on with your new role at Lympo?

I will be acting as a fractional CMO and strategic advisor to Lympo. 

In particular, I'll be working with the team to help create and execute a go-to-market strategy. This plan will include identifying our target audience, refining our brand messaging, creating a distribution strategy, designing a budget and implementing OKRs.

After the plan is complete, I will assist with the execution, helping to refine the strategy based on market and customer feedback, growing the team through recruiting, streamlining cross-functional communication by establishing meeting cadences and keeping an eye on the budget to maximize ROI.  

What is the one book you recommend (apart from Digital Nations) to all people in Web3?

It's difficult to pick just one book or resource related to Web3. If I had to pick one for absolute beginners, I would probably suggest either Linda Xie's YouTube video "An Intro to Crypto: Building Blocks" or Shermin Voshmgir's Token Economy.

That said, I have put a list together of ~30 articles and videos that I think anyone entering the space should read. It can be found in the "Web 3 University" section of www.digitalnations.xyz.  

Special intro session

We're thrilled to welcome Tory to our family and believe his extensive knowledge of the industry will help us reach new hights. 

Since the community is our priority here at Lympo, we decided to organize a special event during which community members can sit down and converse with Tory. We'll select three community members that will be able to have an exclusive one-on-one conversation with our CMO. So, if you want to get a chance to talk with him, register here. Registration is open until the 25th of November, 2022.

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