How to Display Your NFT Collection

2022-12-01 Investing

Since anyone can make, sell or even auction NFTs, the line between traditional and digital art has been blurred extremely. NFTs already hold record million-dollar sales for digital artwork in recent years. Actually, NFTs have sprung the digital art movement to life. It is still a relatively new experience that everyone wants to dip their toes into, but for modern artists and creators it has become a rather convenient medium for their art to be noticed and appreciated.

Whether you're an artist trying to sell your NFTs or simply want to show your private collection to others, you need to find a way to display them effectively. You don’t really want your NFTs to sit idly in your phone storage, laptop, or hard drive. Instead, they ought to be shown off proudly, shared, and appreciated, or in some cases stimulating the potential buyers to obtain them. Therefore, we are going to get a deeper look at the methods to display your NFT Collection both as a creator and as a collector.

How to display your NFT Collection as a CREATOR


Since the vast majority of NFTs are placed on digital marketplaces, they are the first and most significant lookout point for you or any NFT creator for that matter. Thus, if you want to sell your NFT collection, you need to cautiously consider which marketplace to choose: reflect on its reputation and specialization. This means that you would want your pictorial NFT to be around art collectibles, rather than virtual game assets and vice versa. It goes without saying that your NFT collection must be portrayed in high quality, along with an elaborated profile setup and attractive additional photos. 

Social media

Being a successful creator is rather difficult without having a strong and niche community on social media. With the help of social media, you’ll remain relevant and be able to keep your audience informed on your new collections, or single NFTs. Social media channels, therefore, allow you to display each of your NFT assets, that your followers can then discuss and share with a wider audience. Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram should therefore serve as tools connecting you with your audience, enhancing your credibility, as well as the overall engagement and reach of your collection.


It is beneficial to create a personal website for your NFTs since it indicates professionalism and leaves a good impression. It is also a great way to maintain control over your art. Some advanced NFT buyers and collectors spend a lot of time researching and investigating the history behind an NFT. Sometimes the key factor for a buyer to choose your NFT can get down to the fact that you do or don’t have a website.

A website also helps you to portray your NFT collection better. It takes part in driving curiosity by expressing the purpose of your NFT. Since marketplaces commonly have limited description space, the website can help you separate and display the portrait of each NFT more broadly, along with established facts and characteristics. Maybe even the timeline of the creative story behind an NFT or a different background color to the NFT can make a huge difference.

Digital gallery online

Digital or virtual reality art galleries provide a new way to perceive and showcase fine artworks with greater access to them. In the online gallery, one can walk and move around the gallery as in the actual real-world space and experience NFTs more thoroughly – which allows creators to connect and socialize with visitors. 

If you want to create a 3D digital gallery and display your NFTs there, you can choose from a variety of platforms: Showtime, Spatial, or Oncyber. In order to do so, you must integrate the chosen gallery with your digital wallet (of course after you’ve created the account). Then, you can decide on the space settings, and upload as well as arrange your NFT collection. There are a lot of default environments and designs for the space, yet you can make it entirely your own. For marketing purposes, digital galleries also allow users to like and comment on an artist’s work, as well as purchase it via the marketplace. Some of these digital galleries can be made for free, but you should examine and compare the costs of establishing a gallery beforehand.

How to display your NFT Collection as the BUYER or COLLECTOR

How can you print and frame an NFT?

You have the right to print and frame the blockchain token for an NFT if you own it. However, some NFTs have different contracts, so if it isn't your creation, check with the IP owner. It's best to print a QR code to direct viewers to the art or collection if you're doing this.

Print your NFTs in physical copies

Despite that NFTs are digital, you can still appreciate them as printed physical art. Printing the NFTs is a viable and cost-effective option for displaying them digitally, without having to connect to some sort of device or screen. It is also a simple and attractive approach to decorating your home or office – you bought a rare and picturesque piece that you want to showcase and enjoy in a big frame. 

You can print your NFTs like any other image if you're looking for the cheapest way to display them. In this case, you might want to include a QR code of NFT, that can be scanned to verify the piece for future purchases. On the other hand, you can let the brands that print professionally and in high-definition, cover it for you. They will make sure that you will get both a superior size, frame, and textured canvas quickly, as well as QR codes for the metadata and the art.

Digital Frames

Digital photo and video frames are perhaps the best options for displaying NFTs in the real world elegantly and tastefully. Digital frames are aesthetically pleasing pieces of hardware and custom software that enable collectors and galleries to display high-resolution artwork in different formats - jpeg image, GIF, and video. You can choose from a variety of different digital frames based on your budget and preference:

  • Qonos NFT;
  • Canvia;
  • Infinite Objects;
  • Meural Canvas II;
  • Lago;
  • etc.

The variety of digital frame shapes, sizes, and styles will allow you to fit any NFT and display it anywhere, whether it's by the fireplace on your wall, or on the desk in your office. Besides, digital frames enable putting videos on a loop and some are even saving energy resources by turning off automatically when people leave the room.

TV monitors

On today’s smart TVs, there is not only room for news and binge-watching Netflix shows, but also for the display of your NFTs. LG or Samsung TVs can be used for home NFT TV displays. For example, the Samsung TV platform provides users to display digital art with visual fidelity, on a wide and customizable screen and the ability to add multiple NFTs together. Samsung Frame Art Store also allows subscribing and displaying curated art from external sources for a certain price.

Display your NFT collection in the metaverse

The Metaverse is an online virtual world that combines virtual and augmented reality into one place, where people can interact with each other in real-time, in a shared 3D space.

There is no denying the fact that the metaverse is already on the edge of being accessible to almost everyone. It is predicted that Metaverse will have explosive growth in the next few years, as VR equipment is becoming cheaper and more adjustable. 

The metaverse has features for creators and collectors to build personalized virtual galleries where visitors can get a full tour around the space filled with their artwork and favorite NFTs. It is also beneficial due to the fact that creators can directly sell the NFTs through the metaverse. Consequently, you can present and display your NFTs for collectors to experience them in full futuristic mode. Since most of the people who would participate in these virtual worlds are familiar with the industry and comprehend the value of such works of art.

Cryptovoxels and Decentraland are two of the most popular metaverse destinations for displaying your artwork. Just be aware that this virtual space can be quite costly!

Display your NFT collection in the real gallery

There is no rule that won’t let you actually display your NFT collection in a standard real gallery. Some galleries have already made such a revolutionary approach of allowing to experience NFTs in a physical form. Like in The Super Chief Gallery in NY - the attempt was really successful as enthusiasts from all over the world have come to perceive NFTs differently. Such an approach really stimulates NFT fans to discuss and engage with the whole crypto community on a deeper level, and appreciate the artwork in a physical environment.

However, this is perhaps the most costly way of displaying your NFTs. There are some alternatives, like collaborating with other artists or finding some cheaper and non-traditional spaces to decorate with your NFT collection.

Social media

It goes without saying that social media is a great way to display your artwork collection. Not only do you get to show off the NFTs you’ve acquired, but you also give the artist who created them the recognition they deserve. By liking, tagging, and sharing the work of your favorite artist, you give them the platform to share their projects and creative endeavors. 

Overall, social media provides a wide spectrum of opportunities to share NFTs and the fact that you have them in your possession – whether it’s via a tweet, an Instagram Story, or a Discord discussion with other devotees of the NFT trend.

To conclude

Whether you are a creator or collector, it is natural to want to flaunt your NFTs to the world. The way you do that is entirely up to your personal choice. It is generally easier and cheaper to display your art through the marketplace, social media, or personal website, whichever way you must to succeed. But if you want to level up – consider metaverse and digital (or physical) galleries.

As for the collector, the most affordable and elegant option to display your collection varies between physical prints and digital frames. In case you want to flex, and have your NFTs appreciated by a bit more people than your barbeque party guests – metaverse is also an interesting alternative to try out.

However, to make your NFT art collection worthwhile, you should find a way that suits your purpose, style, and taste the best. NFTs are constantly evolving and so are the opportunities of showcasing them to a wider audience, so observe and find new ways to display your NFTs!

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