Community Feedback Update

2022-12-07 Announcements

Recently we asked our community members to leave feedback on the quality and style of Lympo community management. We used the feedback to evaluate how well the community is currently managed in terms of efficiency and transparency. 

Thank you all for participating. We have received responses with deep strategic insights, well-deserved criticism, positive affirmations and valuable suggestions. Today we would like to share our key findings, concerns and action plan on how we will drive change.

Overall community management:

Key findings: Community management has seen improvements in the last months. However, some members have strong negative feelings about decisions made in the past. On top of that, one of our community channels - Discord, is not being used to its full potential.

Key actions: Continue improving community management processes. Restructure the official Discord channel for more convenience and engagement. Introduce structural changes in the community team - two new community managers are joining on the 10th of October and will cover official community channels 20 hours per day.

Lympo.io NFT platform issues and bug resolutions:

Key findings: NFT platform is updated regularly, and issues are addressed promptly and resolved efficiently. The community feels that this area has improved with the last platform updates. 

Key actions: We further improve issue reporting and solving through agile project management. For more efficient processes, we have recently launched HelpDesk, where users can report their problems. As for now, we have four ways a community member can report their issues:

  • Report to community managers on Telegram.
  • Report to community managers on Discord.

No matter which way it comes, all the information reaches our team fast, and tickets are tracked throughout the process. 


Key findings: There is a general lack of transparency regarding Lympo products and procedures. 

Key actions: We will introduce monthly recaps with an overview of upcoming events, roadmap updates, product development questions and other Lympo-related matters. On top of that, we will introduce monthly AMA sessions with core team members to bring more clarity and transparency. We will collect open questions from the community via a form and answer them during the sessions.

Actions after community feedback:

Key findings: The community has mixed feelings regarding the results and actions taken after the feedback. Lately, most of our attention went to technical matters - we wanted to get our NFT platform up and running smoothly. Community feedback reflects that - we receive positive feedback when it comes to platform and issue fixing. However, we lack responses and actions in other areas. 

Key actions: We introduced bi-weekly meetings where all the collected community feedback is looked at and discussed with the core team, where some of the input turns into action items. With the launch of our new HelpDesk, we are also introducing automated customer service reviews. On top of that, we are designing a community feedback loop to bring the community and core team closer. One of the first steps of the loop is a new Discord channel for suggestions and feedback - for continuous feedback collection, the second is a biweekly overview of the collected feedback.

Missed opportunities:

Key findings: Marketing is one of the weakest spots of Lympo - we are missing growth opportunities, the social media presence could use improvement, and community feedback is not utilized to its full potential. 

Key actions: Lately, we have been working internally to review the fundamentals of Lympo marketing. On top of that, we are expanding our marketing team - by hiring a new CMO to tackle missed opportunities and implement actions (apply here, recommendations - more than welcome). As mentioned before, we are also expanding the community team. Together with the team, we will implement a transparent community management system with synchronized information and clear rules.

Upcoming AMA session:

Thank you all for the feedback you left and the time you are spending together with Lympo. We value the honest feedback and voices from our community and will be working to put our words into action. 

Now get your questions and suggestions ready for our CEO Tadas Maurukas for the upcoming AMA session and place them here.

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