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2022-12-07 Investing

Is it really possible to make money while playing an NFT-based game?

Non-fungible tokens and crypto have changed it all and introduced a new era of gaming. People are now able to easily access both mobile and website NFT games, participate in them and earn profit. By investing a reasonable amount, you actually can sometimes even get a three-digit percentage gain. Thus, we review the best games that you should consider before indulging yourself into the rewarding NFT gaming industry.

What are NFT games?

In essence, NFT games are the games that incorporate NFTs in some way. The majority of them also include a play-to-earn model which allows players to generate income while playing. The principle here is simple – the more you contribute and play, the more rewards you can earn. So, unlike other forms of NFTs like art or music, in-game assets do not just brew in value. They are unique tokens that can also be used to interact with other players and spend time developing creative and strategic skills

Consequently, players may use the NFT trading option or cash out crypto earnings from a game for real-world money. Because most in-game currencies are traded on public exchanges. Particularly, this is one of the main reasons why NFT play-to-earn games have grown in popularity.

Another reason why NFT-based gaming has skyrocketed in the market is the promising development of metaverse. Recently, Facebook has changed its name to Meta, and announced its future plans of creating its own Metaverse. For this reason, people started to acknowledge the idea of the digital universe and started investing in the NFT game tokens. This has opened up a lot of potential for investors looking to make some money. In fact, the price of some NFT gaming tokens has increased extremely in just over a year. Therefore, NFT games and the prices of their coins are being driven by lots of hope for the future.

There are many advantages to playing and investing in NFT games:

  • In-game assets are recorded on the blockchain and owned by only you;
  • Ability to exchange the in-game currency into fiat currency;
  • A chance to resell in-game digital items;
  • A way to gain a passive income;
  • Blockchain technology ensures that the outcomes of gaming are transparent and fair.

Now we can explore the best NFT games to play and invest in and their features in detail. But to rank them from best to worst is a quite difficult procedure. Our review is thus made for the purpose of giving you a broader idea of the best games available in 2022.


The first game we overview is Sandbox – a 3D voxel open world game. Similar to the famous Minecraft, it is made out of pixels with three-dimensional volume elements. On Sandbox, players can create and design their own worlds and in-game assets, such as buildings, characters, and other digital objects. There is also a possibility to even create your own game on the platform.

Because of this game, you can enjoy fun gameplay, socialize and monetize your belongings, by exchanging or selling them. This is provided due to the Ethereum blockchain which allows users to earn cryptocurrencies from playing this game and completing quests. 

In order to step into the experience of Sandbox, you ought to have a crypto wallet and own LAND. It is possible to rent out LAND from others, but owning it is more beneficial as an investor.

The earnings are claimed in the native cryptocurrency of the game called SAND. This token is used for mortgages, governance, and value transfer. It is easy, as SAND is tradeable on several crypto exchanges such as Binance, Crypto.com, and Gemini.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained appears to be a leader in collectible card games and is free to play. In the game, the cards of Gods are non-fungible tokens. The online users need to collect and build decks of cards to fight against one another in the battles, and even rewarding weekly tournaments. Each God has certain skills, virtues, and weaknesses that ultimately determine the outcome of the battle. But players also must master the deck strategy to outwit their opponents by using various tactics.

This trading card game is linked to the blockchain, ensuring the digital receipt of ownership of the specific card. All you need to start is an Ethereum wallet and sign up on the Gods Unchained website. The game actually provides you with a free set of NFT cards, and once you start to battle you can earn new Gods. GODS are native tokens of the game, which you can earn by playing. The goal here is to receive or buy a higher rarity card or a legendary pack.

Gods Unchained features its own NFT marketplace where you can sell and buy the cards. Health, reaction power, and tribe are the attributes that define the value and price of the NFT. The prices for Gods can range from 0.1 to 10.000 dollars and more. This game runs on the Immutable X, therefore the cost of gas is considered as low.

Axie Infinity

Currently, Axie Infinity is one of the most popular crypto games on the market. Created in 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain, it has reached explosive growth over 2021. The game contains millions of game-based creatures called Axies, which are unique non-fungible tokens. Each fantasy creature is different in health, speed, skill, and morale. The game aims to collect these digital pets (cute monsters), which you can raise and even battle. 

Minting, trading, or purchasing an NFT of a rare in-game pet are the options to gain money from Axie Infinity. You might try to sell the NFT you own for a greater price if another person in the game wants it. In fact, there also is an option to lend out Axies through the scholarship program. Therefore, Axies have an actual purpose inside the game as NFTs. 

Axie Infinity also has clear goals for the players since they can compete against each other in rewarding battles. These rewards come in the form of a Small Love Potion (SLP), which you can earn through the gameplay. SLP tokens can be used for breeding new species of Axies (which can be sold on the marketplace). Furthermore, by using decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap or Binance, SLP tokens can be changed into other tokens of Ethereum.

Axie Infinity attracts a large number of users as it is available for Windows, Mac, as well as iOS, and Android. Before you start playing, you need to purchase an initial investment – a starter team of 3 monsters.

Star Atlas

A highly anticipated, Star Atlas, is an NFT strategy game that will provide space exploration and role-play experience. The game has not been fully launched, but it is believed to be very successful. The plot of the game is based in the future – the year 2620. The game thus has a stunning astronomy-based world, dazzling graphics, and cinema-like quality effects.

There are 3 factions in the game: humans, aliens, and Androids. The purpose of players is to travel on their spaceships to take missions, battle in space wars, and claim the land around the metaverse. Non-fungible tokens of Star Atlas are one-of-a-kind planets, stars, spaceships, and other objects. In addition, Star Atlas has two tokens – ATLAS (utility token) and POLIS (governance token). This means that the more ATLAS a player has, the more POLIS he or she will generate.

People will be able to earn from the game, which is built on the Solana blockchain. By acquiring and trading NFTs, building cities in their conquered territory, and completing the quests all while experiencing virtual reality space travel. This ambitious sci-fi game is worth contemplating about, as a lot of hype and anticipation is already happening.


One of the most successful metaverse games in the NFT space is Decentraland. The name of the game pretty much explains the concept of Decentraland. The first part of the word refers to its decentralized nature, which means that it is not controlled by one person or company. The second part is addressing the digital land you can buy and sell. People can play, socialize, and interact with areas that other players have made, once they create their own personalized avatar. 

Almost everything in Decentraland is an NFT. From its virtual plots of land to the displayed art in the virtual galleries. This means that each land token can not be replicated and is completely unique. The players can own, develop and even rent out their virtual land just as in the real world. Furthermore, participants of the game can actually host virtual events, open online stores, make digital art, and play games.

The native cryptocurrency that fuels all activities of Decentraland is MANA. It is quite easy to invest in this metaverse game because it is on Coinbase.

My neighbor Alice

It is a top-rated NFT game when it comes to tradable and collectible NFTs. In this game, you buy virtual land and create and run your own farming business. With every addition of in-game assets and features to your farm, its sale value increases. As a player, you have your own avatar, which you can design based on your personality. 

The in-game assets are all NFTs, which include everything from vegetables to animals, decorations, and houses. These assets can be incorporated into the player's farm, and as a result, increase its price.

The native token of this platform is Alice, which is required to buy, sell and trade the NFTs. In order to buy super rare NFTs of the game, players can check the Binance platform.Overall, My Neighbor Alice is an uncomplicated, fun-filled game that boosts creativity to new levels.


Splinterlands is another play-2-earn game that builds hype around NFTs. Available for both a browser and mobile, this is a card-based game. Each card is an NFT, which can be used to compete and battle against other players.

There are three types of tokens that you can earn money from credits, DEC, and Splinterlands (SPS) tokens:

  • Credits are used for buying and renting cards.
  • You get rewards in the form of DEC tokens, and they also let you to buy rare packs and exclusive items
  • The native tokens of the game are SPS – they operate in entering tournaments and you can even stake them to gain more tokens.

In order to build a deck of cards and do quests, you will need to start by buying a Summoner’s Spellbook. This is one thing that will let you earn rewards and you cannot start without. It only costs 10 dollars. Furthermore, Pancakeswap and Gate.io are the exchanges where you can buy more SPS tokens.


Silks is an upcoming metaverse horse racing game project packed with various opportunities. Silks stands out from other games because it is the first NFT game that is based on the real world. 

This game is powered by real-world thoroughbred horse racing data. This means that whenever a player buys an NFT (Silk Horse), he is actually buying a horse linked with a real public profile. Furthermore, Silks Avatars, Land, and Stables are among the in-game NFT assets that players can purchase, trade, and interact with. The main idea behind this game is to allow horsebackers to monetize their in-game tactics and expertise to earn profitable returns.

As a Silk player, you will earn rewards in STT tokens whenever your real-world counterpart wins a race. Furthermore, the reward will be given to players after breeding, staking, and demonstrating their gaming abilities.

It is supposed to come out this year, and the inventors are hoping to target bettors and risk takers. Therefore, this game holds great promise, and if you are interested in horse races, betting, and getting rewards, this might be the game to consider investing in.


This concludes our review of the best NFT games to play and invest in right now.  As crypto and gaming combine and expand, new concepts of NFT gaming will definitely rise. But we need to acknowledge that there are a lot of hurdles that need to be jumped before NFT games get adopted on a mass scale. 

Investing in some NFT games can be difficult, but it is worth trying out. You can actually gain profit from these games with an investment of as little as 10 dollars. If you are planning to invest in the NFT gaming industry, you should not wait. Because, the investors that get in early, gain the first mover advantage. But they do need to navigate through the risks and always remember to not place money that they can’t lose.

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