French Rugby legend Vincent Clerc - Lympo Athlete

2023-03-02 Lympo Athletes

The Lympo family have long awaited and are excited to present the 40-year-old retired French rugby legend — Vincent Clerc. With 67 appearances in the French national team and three Six Nations Championships, Vincent proudly joins the LYMPO athlete pool!

Vincent is well known for achieving one of his greatest personal awards in the Rugby World Cup 2011, where he was named top try-scorer, along with Chris Ashton. He was also dubbed the second try-scorer in French national team history.

Vincent Clerc is still an active member and contributor within the sport community, contributing to France TV Sport as a broadcaster and consultant.

Vincent’s Career:

1998–2002 — Grenoble
2002–2016 — Toulouse (315 appearances, 640 points)
2016–2018 — Toulon (13 appearances, 15 points)
2002–2013 — France (67 appearances, (170)34t)



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