Rhiannon Lovelace - Weightlifting World Record Holder

2023-03-02 Lympo Athletes

A professional weightlifter who achieved her dream by beating a long-time world record not only that she has been crowned the pound-for-pound strongest woman in the world!

The First woman to compete in the feats of strength series has earned her place in becoming one of the world’s strongest women ever.

Rhianon Lovelace — The Women’s Atlas Stone Hoist Champion joins the Lympo family.

The 24 years old who weighs 64kg set a groundbreaking female record with an unbelievable performance by deadlifting 364kg that’s about five times her body weight!

“Words cannot describe this feeling. It honestly means the world, but it is ultimately just another step forward. Time to get back to the drawing board”.

Now is the best time to convert my legacy to a digital asset shared across my fans!. Lympo is the best pattern to achieve that!


· World Strongest woman LW ‘18

· British Championships 2015, 2016, 2017–1st

· European Championship 2016–1st

· Body power 2015, 2016 1st

· World Championship 2015–1st

· British Finals 2016–1st

· Irish Pro Invitational 2 2017–1st

· Northern qualifiers 2016, 2017–1st

· Midland qualifiers 2016–1st

· Hertfordshire Qualifiers 2016–1st


· U64 British Deadlift Record (600lb)

· U82 British Deadlift Record (600lb)

· U64 World Deadlift Record (600lb)

· U82 World Deadlift Record (600lb)

· Open British Deadlift Record (600lb)

· U64 Axle British Record (204lb)

· U64 Stone British Record (270lb)

· U64 World Axel Record (204lb)


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