The Legendary Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues Joins Lympo

2023-01-10 Lympo Athletes

With great honor, we’re introducing member of the Lympo Athletes Pool — Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues.

This ambitious and relentless star of the NBA is a true example that with enough determination anything is possible. At 5’3’’, being the shortest player ever to play in the League, Muggsy is considered one of the best ball thieves and assistants in NBA history.

The Career of Muggsy

Having an unconventional childhood, Tyrone used basketball as a way to not fall into the wrong tracks. Playing basketball on playgrounds as a child, he was coined the nickname “Muggsy” due to his toughness and leadership during pick-up basketball games.

In high school, Tyrone played for the Dunbar Poets — one of the best high school teams in America, having raised numerous future NBA players, such as David Wingate, Reggie Williams, and Reggie Lewis.

After high school, Muggsy received several scholarship offers to play college basketball and chose to play for the Wake Forest University roster. At the end of his college career, Bogues was the ACC career leader in steals and assists, as well as the Arnold Palmer Award recipient for being the Most Valuable Athlete in Wake Forest.

The university even retired his #14 jersey a few years after Muggsy graduated.

Soon after college, Bogues played for the USA national team in the 1986 FIBA World Championship where they won the gold medal.

After playing in the 1987 United States Basketball League for a season, Muggsy started his NBA career with the Washington Bullets. Despite playing only fourteen games with the Bullets, Tyron led in both steals and assists.

In 1988, Muggsy joined the Charlotte Hornets and played in their roster for another 11 seasons. During his time with the Hornets, Bogues led the team to the playoffs thrice and was among the top 10 NBA players in assists between 1989 and 1995.

In 1997, Muggsy became a member of the Golden State Warriors. At the time, he was the NBA’s all-time leader in assist-to-turnover ratio, as well as steals and assists. After two seasons, Tyrone joined the Toronto Raptors for a while, and later retired in 2001 due to a knee injury.

After the NBA, Bogues has worked as a head coach of the Charlotte Sting in the Women’s National Basketball Association and United Faith Christian Academy boys’ high school basketball team. Since 2014, Muggsy has been an Ambassador for the Charlotte Hornets and helps with the rebranding of the team.

He is also the founder of the Muggsy Bogues Family Foundation — an organization, helping vocationally bound students with scholarships and developing community outreach programs for at-risk families.

In 2020, the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame announced Tyrone Bogues as an inductee.

Throughout his career, Muggsy Bogues has been considered the smallest yet the most fierce player the NBA has ever seen. His perseverance, grit, and court vision made Muggsy a valuable team leader — his teammates always trusted his judgment and did what he told.

Bogues has been described by his teammates as the one who always did whatever he could to deliver the ball on time and help others shoot. He was extremely maneuverable and incredibly fast on his feet and no one wanted to bring the ball against Muggsy.

Against all odds, Bogues showed that persistence is what makes a player great. Being tall ain’t all!

To honor the talented and ambitious athlete that is Muggsy, we are releasing his custom set of Lympo NFT sports collectibles. We are glad to welcome him to our family!


As a player:

  • 1987 — Rhode Island Gulls
  • 1987–1988 — Washington Bullets
  • 1988–1997 — Charlotte Hornets
  • 1997–1999 — Golden State Warriors
  • 1999–2001 — Toronto Raptors

As a coach

  • 2005–2006 — Charlotte Sting
  • 2011–2014 — United Faith Christian Academy

Career highlights and awards

  • 1987 — Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award
  • 1987 — First-team All-ACC
  • №14 retired by Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Lympo NFTs

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