Special Mocaverse Bonus on Lympo platform

2023-01-06 Announcements

Since Mocaverse's official announcement, we've received tremendous interest and support from the community. It got our Athletes' collection to #1 trending on Opensea! We want to thank you for all the support and would like to invite you to start your web3 journey with us. 

NFT Staking 

While waiting for the Mocaverse snapshot, get your NFTs to work! 

Head to our Staking Platform, pair your NFTs with $SPORT tokens and start receiving $SPORT rewards. 

Do not worry; all your staked NFTs and $SPORT will be included in the snapshot for Mocalist Realm Tickets. 

1 Realm Ticket = 43K $SPORT. 

1 Realm Ticket = 1 NFT from the Athletes' collection. 

Here is our short staking guide to getting you started. 

Mocaverse special

To celebrate the growth of the Animoca Brands family, we are issuing a special reward for all the new wallets that start staking in the Champion I pool. 

All new wallets that start staking in Champion I pool from the 6th (20 UTC) to the 20th of January (23:59 UTC) and stakes for no less than full seven days will receive a bonus - Common Mint Card. It will be airdropped to your wallet and available to claim on our platform, under the Airdrop subsection of your profile. 

Common Mint Card is a Utility Collection NFT that lets you mint 1 common Athlete's NFT for free. The Mint Card does not have an expiration date and can be used on any collection in Athletes Pool, when minting is live. More information on Mint Cards can be found here.

Make sure to follow our announcements on Twitter and Discord - collections usually are fully minted within hours or even minutes after going live. 

$SPORT token

$SPORT is the main utility token of our ecosystem. You are going to need it to start your staking journey with us.  It can be acquired on decentralized exchange Quickswap or on centralized exchange MEXC

You can choose from these pairs on Quickswap: MATIC/SPORT + SPORT/REVV + SPORT/GMEE + SPORT/TOWER + SPORT/QUIDD.

About Lympo

Our mission is to bring true digital ownership-based sports experiences through innovative, high-quality solutions.

We believe that athletes and fans are two inseparable parts of Sports, so the athlete-related digital assets are essentially a connection point between the two. Digital assets work like an entry key to a closed fan circle with direct access to the athlete, exclusive content, authentic experiences and various giveaways. The additional layer of fan engagement unlocked through digital ownership is one of the key priorities when designing any product or experience. 

Athletes NFT Collections 

Lympo sports NFTs are protected by IP rights and are digital collectibles created in close collaboration with Lympo Athletes and represent the most iconic moments of their careers. 

These collections are minted on our platform, under Athlete’s pool. To be the first owner of these NFTs you have to mint them in our platform, using Lympo credits. These credits can be acquired by staking $SPORT in Athletes’ pool. The minimum is 900 and the maximum is 3 million. The more tokens you stake - the faster your credits will accumulate. 

Do not waste your time - head to our Staking Platform and get your special award. 

Have any questions?

Head to our Help Desk, join our Discord or Telegram channels. Follow us on Twitter

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