The Lympo App Sunset — Everything You Need to Know

2023-01-30 Announcements

The Lympo App Sunset Everything You Need to Know

Attention all Lympo app users — we’re discontinuing the Lympo App. No worries, we’ll be rewarding all users for their time spent in the app. Throughout this whole year, we'll be running a special campaign committed to the Lympo App sunsetting. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Rewards for Time Spent

To reward our loyal users for their time spent using our app, we’ll be gifting every user digital collectible cards (Lympo NFTs) and some Lympo credits that you’ll be able to utilize to roam the new Lympo ecosystem. We invite you to join our new and updated world of sports engagement in the Web 3 space!

Welcome to the updated Lympo

Our mission is to bring true digital ownership-based sports experiences through innovative, high-quality solutions. We believe that athletes and fans are two inseparable parts of Sports, so the athlete-related digital assets are essentially a connection point between the two. Digital assets work like an entry key to a closed fan circle with direct access to the athlete, exclusive content, authentic experiences and various giveaways. The additional layer of fan engagement unlocked through digital ownership is one of the key priorities for us when designing any product or experience. 

If you’re new to the Web3 space, here’s a little bit of information about Digital Collectibles (NFTs):

NFT (or a non-fungible token), in a nutshell, is any digital object and the technology that proves who the owner of this object is. These objects can be in-game assets, songs, pictures, or literally anything.

Lympo NFTs include unique digital sports collectibles of famous athletes and NFTs with additional utility.

The digital collectible you'll receive as a reward is a special card that brings more utility to the ecosystem, meaning they’ll provide you with special bonuses on the platform, such as more credits or tokens received on our Staking platform.

Different types of the award will bring different reward percentages and credit amounts. The lowest — bronze-tier shoes bring an additional 2% reward, whereas the highest diamond tier brings 5%. The number and type of reward you’ll receive will depend on how many points had on the app. You can activate a single Minting or Staking bonus and they do not stack with multiple shoes owned. You can change which NFT bonus you want to activate anytime in Trophy Pool.

If you feel ready, you can jump in and claim your reward already. To do so, please fill in this form.

For information on how to do so and an in-depth guide, continue further with this article.

How to Claim?

Every user of the Lympo App needs to contact our support team to register for the rewards. The support form is here

You’ll need to fill out the form, including an email address used to register on the app. If, by chance, you don’t remember the address or have registered using a different method (such as Facebook), please contact us and include all the relevant details that might help us to find your user on the app. 

This information might include — possible email addresses, an email used on Facebook, screenshots, or anything else.

Our support team will collect the information and will tell you which your user belongs to, what kind of reward you'll get, and when.

The first distribution (airdrop) of the NFTs is planned to occur on 27th of January. The support team will send you an email, once the award is ready for claiming. 

Note: To be able to claim the rewards, you’ll need to have a digital wallet. There are many to choose from, but we strongly recommend using MetaMask as it's the most friendly option for newbies. If you do not know how to create one, here is a short Youtube tutorial

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you claim the rewards on the Lympo platform:

Important: if you are using mobile, you need to open the browser on your MetaMask app and paste this address: https://lympo.io/sunset

  1. Head to Lympo platform

Once you’ve registered to receive the reward and received confirmation about the airdrop date, head to the dedicated landing page at https://lympo.io/sunset and connect using your digital wallet.

Press "Connect your wallet" and allow the site to switch to the Polygon Network where your Digital Collectibles and Credits will be stored. Please only connect your registered blockchain wallet to receive the Digital Collectible.

  1. Claim your airdropped rewards

Once you press the “Claim Airdrop” button, the Digital Collectible and Credits will be transferred to your blockchain wallet. There will be a small fee in “Matic” token for the transfer, it will be sent together with your prize. Once claimed, your Digital Collectible will belong to you. As for viewing, it will be visible under the “My Profile” section on the Lympo platform and OpenSea marketplace. 

  1. Assign Credits

The Lympo credits you will receive will be allocated to a specific pool of your choice. If you are new, we recommend choosing our Athlete’s pool - this is where all Lympo Athletes’ digital collectibles are born. This collection has been featured as a notable collection on OpenSea. 

  1. Utilize your rewards in the Lympo ecosystem.

Your Digital Collectible and Credits will have utility in our platform. You can acquire Digital Collectibles of world-famous sports stars, earn token rewards and participate in various events — dig deeper into the Ecosystem to use them. 

Got my reward, what is next? Overview of the Lympo Ecosystem

Now that you've received your rewards, you can use them to explore the immense Lympo world.

You can utilize your Lympo credits to acquire (mint) Lympo digital collectibles (NFTs) of the greatest sportsmen in the world. You can gain more Lympo credits by locking up (staking) $SPORT — the main token of the Lympo ecosystem. By staking the tokens, you lock them up for a certain time period and in the process, accumulate Lympo credits.

The minimum amount of $SPORT required to start accumulating credits is 900. The Shoe of Momentum NFT you've received as a reward can upgrade the credit accumulation process and you will receive more credits faster. For the Shoe to be functional, it has to be equipped in the Trophy room. 

These credits can later be used to acquire digital collectibles from the Athletes pool. Every few weeks we launch a new collection featuring a different sports celebrity — use your chance to get a unique digital sports memorabilia from your favourite athlete. 

The price of the digital collectible will depend on the rarity of the card. For example, for 3 credits you can acquire a Common card from the collection, for 70 a Rare one, and buy a Legendary card for 220 credits. Common and Uncommon cards can be purchased only with credits, whereas to get Rare, Epic and Legendary cards you will need some $SPORT token as well. 

Once you've acquired your first Lympo NFT collectible, you can either keep it in your collection, trade on OpenSea or stake it. Similar to staking $SPORT and accumulating credits, you lock up your NFT, pair it with $SPORT tokens, and get rewarded with tokens in the process. You can also choose to utilize your Shoe here. This way, you’ll be rewarded with more tokens. One Shoe can only be used once.

Note: You can activate a single Minting or Staking bonus and they do not stack with multiple shoes owned. You can change which NFT bonus you want to activate anytime in Trophy Pool. The reward collectibles (shoes) will only be functional in the upcoming staking pools, they will not be applicable in the current staking pools — Contender I and Champion I.

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