An Overview of the Lympo x KZS Campaign

2022-11-08 Announcements

At the beginning of the year, we announced that the Basketball Federation of Slovenia (KZS) is joining the Lympo family with a unique partnership. The campaign has recently launched - here’s everything you need to know about it.

Collaboration with KZS

KZS, or The Slovenian Basketball Federation, is a government body managing the Slovenian national basketball teams. Under their wing, the male Slovenian national team has demonstrated extraordinary results - winning the European championship in 2017, finishing 4th in the 2020 Summer Olympics, and ranking 4th in the FIBA World Rankings.

We wanted to celebrate the power and glory of Slovenian basketball, and that’s why we’ve decided to create a unique type of partnership - one that has never been seen before here on Lympo.

Together with KZS, we’ve looked into expanding the collection and providing all Slovenian and overall basketball fans with an entry into digital sports collectables, a way to enter Web3.

This partnership was created with the idea of unity. Together with KZS, we wanted to show the world that Slovenia - a small but united country can be so powerful and well-known around the globe. It is also a meaningful way to connect with and unite all the fans of Slovenian basketball.

Official NFT Collection

First and foremost, we’ve come up with a different NFT collection for KZS. 

The Slovenian National basketball is all about unity and the power of teamwork. To commemorate that, we’ve launched unique team NFTs - sportscards that showcase not each individual player but different crews. 

Each rarity NFT displays a group of 3 or 4 players from the 2017 European champion roster - demonstrating that the power lies within the team. An idea which culminates with a Legendary NFT with all the members of the roster.

The cards went live on September 10, 01:00 PM UTC and were minted within hours, with most of the rarest NFTs being snatched in the first hour. That’s the power of Slovenian unity for you.

Exclusive NFTs

The official NFT collection weren’t the only tokens we launched. The partnership also debuted a new kind of Lympo NFTs - the Fan NFT.

The Fan NFTs are exclusive tokens given out to all the fans of KZS. The NFTs were airdropped to everyone who registered on the dedicated partnership website launched for a limited time only. 

We’ve also had to implement necessary safety precautions and clean up our email base due to a bot attack attempt. So, if you have not yet received the email about your NFT, please fill in a request with your email address and wallet address at Help Desk, and we will sort this out.


Together with these exclusive Fan NFTs, we’ve launched a raffle. You now have a chance to win exclusive fan items - t-shirts and basketballs signed by the whole KZS team as well as KZS caps.

All holders of Fan NFTs have entered the raffle automatically - the NFT serves as a raffle ticket.

However, you can also double or triple your chances of winning by acquiring more NFTs on OpenSea. More entries - more chance to win.

Raffle winners will be selected by a random draw and announced on 7th of November. Only wallets holding NFT on November the 4th at 23:59:59 UTC will be eligible for entry.


Haven't claimed your Fan NFT? Head to our claiming page at Lympo.io/kzs and do not forget to connect the right wallet.

Raffle Winners and Extras

1 fan wins a signed t-shirt:


1 fan wins a signed basketball:


3 fan win a full cap:




The winners were selected randomly. The raffle was held on the smart contract, so if you want to check how it went, you can do it here. To see the list of winners, go to contract and select "read contract", for the full cap winners you have to enter 0;1;2 to see each wallet.

That’s the beauty of blockchain technology - all is out in the open, and no hidden agendas.

We’re astonished by the amount of attention, support and people interested we’ve got in this event. That’s the great fan spirit for you! 

Fans like these are what helps us move forward here at Lympo. That is why we’ll be gifting everyone who claimed the NFTs some Lympo credit to further your journey in the digital world of sport! The amount of credit every user got was selected randomly. Like basketball, you never know what shot will make it into the basket.

You check the credit amounts on this Excel sheet or Polygonscan. Enter your wallet ID to see the amount of credits you won.

Go to our claiming page to claim the gift!

Thanks for everyone who participated.

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