Team Spotlight - Eduard Melman - Chief Delivery Officer

2022-12-09 Announcements

We want you to meet our amazing Chief Delivery Officer, the person behind each and every product we bring you - Eduard Melman. A person with two decades of experience in the IT and banking industries, having worked in world-famous tech giants such as IBM and completed a FinTech course at Harvard University. Never heard of such a profession? Keep reading and Eduard will tell you what he does on daily basis.

Please introduce yourself — what did you do before joining Lympo, and what got you to the team?

My name is Eduard. I’m from Lithuania and live in Vilnius. 

Before Lympo, I worked for 6 years in the banking and IT industry. I then joined IBM, leading many projects and contributing to people's growth. That was an exciting 10-year journey. 

I’m a professional PM and have been interested in crypto since 2017. Understanding the huge potential in blockchain/web3, I realized the moment of change. 

I had a vision of what kind of company I wanted to join, and when I first talked with Lympo Co-Founders Tadas and Ada, I understood that this was a great opportunity to dive into the industry. Small company with brave ideas and leaders with an open mindset. At the same time, I clearly saw how I could contribute to Lympo success and strengthen it. 

How did you stumble across crypto for the first time?

I have a twin brother, and he is from an IT background. He was the first to get into that. As a result, I got into that too.

What excites you about Web3 the most?

There are several major Web3 attributes, but I’d like to emphasize the 2 which I believe are the most important: trustlessness and decentralization. I think people are already fed up with all the intermediaries, relying on trusted third parties (FTX is a great example). Why should all power and leverages sit under a centralized entity? 

Tell us, what are you focusing on with your role at Lympo?

I’m responsible for the entire Lympo delivery. What does a CDO (Chief Delivery Officer) do on a daily basis? Well, here is the full list of responsibilities:

  • Take ownership of project execution and delivery across the entire organization.
  • Lead the Delivery Management Team and drive positive morale.
  • Be a point of escalation for delivery issues and engage the executive management team and/or other key stakeholders to resolve problems and overcome obstacles.
  • Maintain overall Delivery Management Team readiness and ability to support corporate business objectives and priorities.
  • Identify specific skills, experience and staffing levels required for effectively managing and completing all ongoing and future projects and programs within the Lympo portfolio.
  • Take ongoing ownership of all project-related data in corporate systems and ensure accurate reporting related to project progress and results.
  • Manage, estimate, and continually improve Delivery Management processes and procedures for estimation, project execution and project management across all projects and accounts.
  • Meet targets for project revenue, profits and global staff utilization.
  • Ensure that internal projects and initiatives related to project delivery are aligned with overall business strategy and priorities.
  • Work with HR to identify candidates, conduct interviews and make hiring decisions.
  • Represent the needs and interests of the Delivery Team to the Executive Team and throughout the organization.
  • Provide sales support and contribute to strategy, offerings and sales as needed. 

What is the one book you recommend to all people in Web3?

I read quite a lot, and there are many great books, but the latest one I’ve read is the one from our CMO and Strategic Advisor, Tory Green. It is called Digital Nations.

What are your hobbies or leisure activities?

I like sports, it's an inseparable part of my life. At 6 y.o. I started gymnastics and spent 4 years doing it. Then, I also did professional swimming for 4 years. This is exactly why I’ve been passionate about sports since. I’ve tried judo and boxing. Played ping-pong and volleyball for 3 years. Been playing billiards for more than 20 years. Now, I really enjoy poker tournaments, practising callisthenics, and going to the gym and sauna. And, of course, I try to find some time for e-sports, too.

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