Your Guide to DigiSport - the Ultimate Collector’s Challenge featuring the UFC Champion Thug Rose

2023-05-12 Announcements

The time has come to unleash your inner fighter and become a champion!

Introducing DigiSport - the newest digital memorabilia collecting challenge created in partnership with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Rose Namajunas. Take up on the challenge! Acquire mystery boxes and unlock them to find digital stickers inside that can later be traded for unique Fighter avatars, exclusive merchandise signed by Rose Namajunas, or personal experiences with the champion. In this article, you’ll find a complete guide to the challenge.

Acquire Mystery Boxes

Challenge participators purchase Mystery Boxes filled with special digital stickers. There are four tiers of Mystery Boxes with different contents hidden inside:

  • Bronze Mystery Box:  includes 2 Beginner Athlete stickers, a bonus sticker, and a chance of receiving an Item sticker.
  • Silver Mystery Box:  includes 3 Intermediate Athlete stickers, two bonus stickers, and a chance of receiving an Item sticker.
  • Gold Mystery Box:  includes 4 Advanced Athlete stickers, three bonus stickers, and a chance of receiving an Item sticker.
  • Diamond Mystery Box: includes 5 Elite Athlete stickers, four bonus stickers, and a chance of receiving an Item sticker.

Collect Stickers

Once a mystery box is opened, the user receives a certain amount of digital stickers. There are two different types of digital stickers hidden in the Mystery Boxes:

Athlete stickers

These stickers can be combined to create a Fighter NFT avatar. The Fighter stickers have four different tiers, corresponding to the rarity of the avatar - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. Also, the stickers are further classified into different body parts required to build your fighter - torso, head, hands, legs, and belt.

Item stickers

Item stickers can be collected and redeemed for a variety of prizes, including exclusive and signed Rose Namajunas merch - hoodies, caps, t-shirts, or personal experiences from Rose - cameos and personal calls. You need to collect five items stickers to win the item.

Build Fighter Avatar

There are four rarities of Fighter avatar NFTs that can be redeemed by collecting stickers. Each rarity avatar is inspired by Rose Namajunas and embodies your inner fighter's spirit - reflecting your determination never to give up and keep striving for your goals! The more Athlete stickers a user collects, the higher the rarity of their avatar is:

  • Beginner:  requires 2 Beginner Athlete stickers (torso and head).
  • Intermediate:  requires 3 Intermediate Athlete stickers (torso, head, and hands).
  • Advanced:  requires 4 Advanced Athlete stickers (torso, head, hands, and legs). 
  • Elite:  requires 5 Elite Athlete stickers (torso, head, hands, legs, and belt).
  • Legendary:  Legendary fighters are created by upgrading lower levels fighters - you can claim Legendary fighter if you burn 4 Elite ones.
  • GOAT:  Users that hold Legendary fighters will participate in a raffle to win the one GOAT NFT, which will also have utility in Lympo Ecosystem.

Claim Your Item

To redeem an item, the user must collect five stickers of that item (stickers come from mystery boxes). Once a user collects the needed amount of stickers from one category, they can claim the item. Physical items will be packed and shipped to the user.

Upgrade Avatars

If a user wants to level up their avatars, they can upgrade them by burning 4 lower-level fighters. So, if you have 4 Begginner Fighters, you can level them up and receive one Intermediate fighter. The Legendary Fighter avatar, can only be achieved by upgrading lower-tier fighters. If the user breeds four Elite avatars, they’ll receive a Legendary one.

Legendary and GOAT NFTs are considered to be eligible for utility in Lympo Ecosystem (staking included) .

Legendary Raffle

Those who have unleashed the ultimate Legendary fighter and reached the pinnacle of success are eligible to participate in a special Legendary raffle for a chance to win special prizes signed by Rose Namajunas! The prizes include: Cameo appearances, live training sessions with Rose, the ability to pick a fight entry song for Rose, signed fighting gloves and merchandise, or individual calls with Rose.

The DigiSport Collector’s Challenge is an exciting opportunity for sports fans to own unique digital items and participate in a new era of sports engagement. Don't miss your chance to become the ultimate Legendary Fighter and win some fantastic items from the UFC champion!

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