Blockchain Heroes Pool — What’s the Next Step?

2023-06-12 Announcements

Blockchain Heroes collection's journey is coming to a crossroads — thank you for being together. Now, you have a chance to decide on the fate of your collectibles. No matter which option you choose — keep the collectible or swap it, you’ll be refunded with Lympo credits.

Blockchain Heroes Pool

In December 2021, we joined forces with Blockchain Heroes to launch a new NFT minting pool on the Lympo NFT Minting Platform. The users had the ability to acquire mystery boxes using LMT, MATIC, ETH, and credits collected in the Blockchain Heroes x Lympo NFT pool. A total of 1310 mystery boxes were collected, each containing a card from one of 5 unique pairs.

In 2022, we launched a second stage, during which users could burn their Blockchain Heroes NFTs and earn additional cards. 

You can learn more about all of it here.

Now, the pool is entering another stage, and now you have a chance to choose the fate of your Blockchain Heroes NFTs.

The Next Step

We’re officially ceasing the Blockchain Heroes pool. Thank you for being with us on this epic Blockchain Heroes journey. 

All holders of Blockchain Heroes NFTs can now choose what will happen next with their collectibles. You can keep the assets as collection items or, if you want, transform the cards and swap them into unique Lympo utility items — Mintcards.

The choice is yours. No matter which way you choose to go, we will also airdrop the credits you had for staking in the Blockchain Heroes Pool.

Users will be compensated for the BCH credits accumulated until the date of closing with a conversion rate of 1 BCH credit = 0.57 $SPORT. The rate of x1.75 was applied during the entire staking period for the pool, and the rate for the compensation was adjusted accordingly.

You can check how many credits you’ve accumulated and how much $SPORT will be airdropped to you here.

Lympo Mintcards

Lympo Mintcards are a type of Lympo Utility NFTs. With these NFTs, you can redeem Lympo NFTs from the Athlete Pool without spending any credits or tokens. 

By simply burning a Lympo mint card, you can mint 1 Lympo Athlete NFT of the same rarity (e.g. 1 common Mintcard lets you mint 1 common Athlete NFT).

How to Swap?

The process of swapping your Blockchain Heroes card into a Lympo mint card is fairly simple, but to make it even easier for you — here’s a step-by-step guide: 

Step 1. Connect to your Profile

Head to the Lympo platform. Click “Connect” and log in to your profile using your wallet details. As soon as you connect, a message informing you about the Blockchain Heroes Pool will pop up. Press “Let’s Swap”, and you’ll be taken to the swapping page.

Step 2. Swap your NFTs

On the swapping page, you can check out your Blockchain Heroes Collection. To make a swap, press "Swap to Mintcard" and select the NFTs you want to trade. The rarity of the Mintcards offered will match the rarity of your Blockchain Heroes Pool NFTs.

Step 3. Claim your Mintcards

After you have confirmed your selection and completed the swap, head to the Airdrop section of your profile to claim your new Mintcards.

Step 4. Use your Mintcards

Now you can utilize your mintcards and get your hands on the upcoming Athlete Pool NFTs without using any credits or tokens. Simply use your Mintcard once the minting goes live.

It’s time to make your choice. We’ll see you on our next journey!

Reopening Blockchain Heroes pool swap

We are excited to announce that we're reopening the Blockchain Heroes pool swap. This time, you will have the opportunity to exchange the pairs of Blockchain Heroes NFTs that were not burned during the second stage of the BCH event for Lympo Mintcards. By using Lympo Mintcards, you can acquire Lympo NFTs of the same rarity from the Athlete Pool without having to spend any credits or tokens.

Here's how it will work:

There are five sets of hero-villain pairs available for this mechanic. Each pair corresponds to a specific Mintcard rarity. The pairs include:

  • Wizard & Rez’Phede = Legendary Mintcard
  • Bitcoin Bro & Jacob Riggs = Uncommon Mintcard
  • Metalik & Whisper = Legendary Mintcard
  • Wyld Wrangler & The Swarm = Epic Mintcard
  • X-change & Encryptkeeper = Rare Mintcard

If you possess at least one full pair from the available sets, select the pair and proceed with the burning mechanics to receive the corresponding reward in the form of a Lympo Mintcard. 

However, if you only have one card from the pair, the burning mechanics will not be applicable, and the cards won't be swapped. The special GOAT Genesis NFT gifted to the first user to collect a full collection can be swapped into a GOAT Mintcard without a pair.

This process can be repeated as long as the user possesses the correct full pair that can be burned. 

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