Andrew Henderson — The Ultimate Freestyler

2023-01-30 Lympo Athletes

When it comes to freestyle, Andrew is a total beast — a five-time World Champion and a eight-time UK Champion. Also, not many players can brag about playing alongside world-famous footballers such as David Beckham or Lionel Messi, and beating the Brazilian legend Neymar in a freestyle battle.

To celebrate Andrew being a football freestyle prodigy Lympo will be launching 5 different Andrew Henderson-themed digital sportscards.

His journey started in Cornwall, England. Having been born to parents involved in professional sports, Andrew Henderson had an insatiable hunger for sports. With some encouragement from his parents, Andrew started playing rugby and was dreaming of becoming a professional one day. Until a freak accident during one of the games shattered his leg.

He was 16 at the time. And doctors have told him that he may not even be able to walk, let alone play any sports.

But Andrew was stubborn — a professional sports career was all he dreamt of. That’s when he found freestyle football.

During the rehabilitation, Andrew was down. He couldn’t play or be active at all. Having seen online videos of players doing so, he started balancing a ball on his head. After learning the head stalling technique, he was craving for more so he started practicing all the different freestyle moves.

Motivated to defy the odds and get back on his feet he was practicing for hours and hours on end every day. Freestyle helped Andrew get motivated and quickly get back on his feet. And, in just 18 months, he was already being named UK Freestyle Football Champion for the first time.

Afterward, his career was only going up. Currently, Andrew holds the record for the Fastest time to complete the Maradona 7 ten times, has performed at the Olympics and the Football World Cup Finals. He has also established rugby freestyle and holds the record for the Most rugby ball neck throw and catches in 30 seconds.

With 5 subsequent World Championship titles and 8 UK Champion titles under his belt, Andrew is considered the most successful professional football freestyler ever.

Currently, Andrew Henderson has expanded the focus of his career — he is a social media influencer, businessman, and freestyle football coach as well as the founder of the UK Football Freestyling Championship for amateur freestylers across the UK & Ireland.

Andrew Henderson is considered one of the greatest freestylers of all time and that is no empty statement. To honor the legend that is Andrew, we are launching his own collection of Lympo NFT sportscards.


  • Five-Time World Champion
  • Eight-Time UK Champion
  • French Open Champion
  • Performed at the 2012 Olympics
  • Performed at the 2014 World Cup
  • Italian Open Champion
  • European Doubles Champion

Lympo NFTs

The Andrew Henderson Collection consists of 5 NFT sports cards that range in value — Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, it went live on Sep 03, 2022 exclusively on Lympo platform. The collection will also include a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) card that will be auctioned off later.

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