Aiste Perminaite - The Future Queen of Rally Joins the Lympo Family

2023-02-15 Lympo Athletes

Introducing the latest addition to the Lympo Athletes family - the talented and fearless young Lithuanian rally driver, Aiste Perminaite. With just a few years under her belt, Aiste has already made a name for herself by winning numerous titles, including the national FIA "Rally Star" championship and a Top 3 finish in Europe's FIA "Rally Star" competition. Even more so, Aiste is about to make history as the first woman from Lithuania to participate in Dakar. As an inspiration to us all, Aiste's champion spirit and energy will be captured in the upcoming Lympo NFT collection, which will celebrate the thrill and excitement of rally racing and Aiste's unwavering determination.

At Lympo, we are committed to supporting the next generation of athletes and helping them reach their full potential. That's why we are thrilled to welcome Aiste Perminaite to our community. With her prowess and fearless attitude, Aiste is destined to become a leading figure in the world of rally racing. We are honoured to provide a platform for Aiste to connect with fans and other athletes, and to help her expand her career opportunities. Join us in supporting Aiste on her journey to becoming the undisputed queen of rally sport!

The world of motorsports has been around Aiste all her life. As far as she can remember, she would be watching her dad and later - her brother, take part in various motocross competitions. Aiste was always fascinated with that world and on her 10th birthday when she got her first set of wheels - a bright pink sports motorcycle, was when she finally started experimenting with motorsports. And she hasn’t stopped ever since.

Although after high school, Aiste was studying marketing in Denmark, she couldn’t be away from the adrenaline rush for long. During her study years, she would come back home and spend the whole time running around on a motorcycle in her family-owned motocross park. And finally, in 2019, she switched seats and started handling sports cars. Aiste quickly felt the excitement and got hooked on the feeling of control handling a four-wheeled beast.

It didn’t take long for Aiste to enrol on her first competition. Together with her dad and brother, she participated in the local motocross competition where they finished 3rd. Later on, she participated in “Mini Rally 2019” and while the competition wasn’t particularly successful, it was a valuable first experience.

Aiste was determined enough to keep moving forward. She kept participating in national competitions and quickly gained enough experience that allowed her to try out her skills in the national FIA “Rally Star” in 2021. Among 50 of the best racers from Lithuania, Aiste finished first and got a golden ticket to participate in the European competition.

The European selection took place on the Estering track where the contestants needed to demonstrate their driving skills in a Cross Car buggy. In the first stage of the race, Aiste finished with a result that got into the Top 5 and moved on to the next stage where she finished in the Top 3 leaving behind almost a hundred other drivers.

Aiste is currently working on improving her skills in the rally, and expanding her horizons by trying out other motorsports. She is also working in her family business, teaching others the subtlety of motorsports - the same place she started her career.

Aiste has huge milestones and exciting plans on her agenda, one of which is the Dakar Rally. She’s currently searching for sponsorships and is planning to make her first Dakar appearance already next year. This would make history since she would be the first woman from Lithuania to compete in Dakar.

With her impressive skills and tenacious spirit, it's clear that Aiste is destined to become the reigning champion of the rally racing world. Lympo is proud to have Aiste onboard and release her first official collection of sports collectibles and celebrate this future queen of the rally!

Career Highlights

  • 2021 - Lithuanian FIA “Rally Star” Winner
  • 2022 - European FIA “Rally Star” Top3

Lympo NFTs

Lympo Athletes get a set of 5 NFTs — sports collectible cards. The rarity of each card ranges from Common to Legendary. There will also be a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) card that will be available to auction later.

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